Aboriginal Wellness Reintegration Program

This is a new initiative for PGUAJS, funded by Public Safety Canada. 

The primary goals and objectives are to:

  1. Address the recidivism rate of Indigenous people involved within the justice system
  2. Provide the necessary support to help inmates identify release plans to address the criminogenic factors that led them to becoming incarcerated
  3. Link the inmate with community supports to increase their potential to succeed

The two direct streams of client support are identified as:

#1.  The Institutional Reintegration Worker (IRW)

  • Works in collaboration with the Prince George Regional Correction Centre's Deputy Warden of Programs, Assistant Deputy Warden of Programs, and the Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Team to determine inmate services
  • Develops services that focus on release plans for inmate(s) held in both sentenced and remand units

To maximize all supports the Institutional Reintegration Worker works in collaboration with the PGUAJS Community Outreach Worker - Institutional Indigenous Cultural Liaison and Adult Indigenous Justice Worker.

#2.  The Community Reintegration Worker (CRW)

  • Provides direct community support to referred clients who are referred through:
  • IRC release plans
  • IOM team
  • Indigenous Court / Elders Justice Council
  • Indigenous Justice Worker program
  • Probation orders
  • Self-referrals

The CRW provides:

  • One to one support to clients with limited ability to access community resources
  • Talking Circle that starts off with a Smudging Ceremony, each Friday
  • Community Kitchen - coming soon
  • Wellbriety Support Group - coming soon