Youth in Transition 

Funded by Department of Justice – Youth Justice

Program funding ends March 31, 2019

The Prince George Urban Aboriginal Justice Society provide's two programming streams for Indigenous youth in conflict with the law.

Service components for both streams will be culturally relevant and will include addiction education, awareness and relapse prevention based on traditional teachings, and referral support for reintegration to family and community to promote healthy living and teaching.

“Stream A”   The Seven Feathers

Indigenous Youth are provided one to one support to address lifestyle issues through a unique group called the “The Seven Feathers” which is based on the Seven Traditional Teachings: 

Respect - Love - Honesty - Truth - Wisdom - Courage - Humility 


sweat lodge

 Sweat Lodge

“Stream B” Awaken the Medicine Man - Facilitated by Elder Marcel Gagnon

PGUAJS has formed a collaborative partnership with the Cariboo Action Training Society to address the needs of young Indigenous males on probation. Once a week, PGUAJS delivers a culturally appropriate addiction support program with teachings that have included: learning how to tan a moose hide; ceremonial drumming; how to build and care for a Sweat Lodge; Sweat Lodge ceremony; Smudge ceremony; learning to fish; and the youth have learned the importance of ceremony with Elders, with the emphasis on respect.

Elder Marcel Gagnon attends Case Management meetings with Camp Trapping and youth caregivers to encourage traditional supports upon release from the camp.

The PGUAJS Indigenous Justice Worker(s) also supports this program to provide the youth who return to Prince George with a continuum of care, upon release, or to connect them with a Justice Worker in their communities.





youth drumming


Elder Marcel Gagnon with youth performing on the Pow Wow drum for The Elders Justice Council and staff



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